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    Welcome to BJMUN, the official site of Beijing Model United Nations Association for High School Students

Rigorous Academic · Diligent Conference

The Association established: “Of The Delegates, By The Delegates and For The Delegates.” as the tenet; planning every conference for Quality; working hard to provide high level academic conferences for every delegate.


Beijing Model United Nations Association for High School Students (BJMUN) is an MUN organization that is completely founded and operated by high school students. The Association’s goal is to help students increase the knowledge and understanding of current politics, and improve speaking, debating and writing skills, all while encouraging creativity and active cooperation. Since the association’s establishment in 2010, BJMUN has already held more than 12 conferences on a regional scale, with more than 800 participants each year. BJMUN is becoming one of the most prestigious, influential MUN conferences in Beijing.

Member Schools

BJMUN has attracted over 60 schools as members in Beijing. Delegates from member schools can register the conference in team. Becoming a member of BJMUN requires an MUN organization in your school.


The delegations participating in BJMUN consist mostly of students from our Member Schools. Of course, there are many individual delegates who come to BJMUN each year; there are even students from other provinces who come to this conference. We welcome MUNers from across the country to join BJMUN.

Organizing Team

BJMUN is fully and well organized by high school students from Beijing. The organizing team is re-elected every year. In order to ensure the most excellent performance of the association, the team members are all selected from the best high schools in Beijing.

Academic Team

Members of academic team (Dais) are recruited for every conference. Most members of the team have more than one year experience and numerous awards in Model UN activities. Their efforts provide remarkable conferences for all delegates.

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